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Once Upon a Time
Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in a tower. All her life, she'd been waiting for her prince to come save her. Deep inside herself, she knew she didn't need rescuing; she was strong enough to climb down the tower's stony wall on her own. However, the outside world intimidated her. It was so much easier, so much safer to stay inside and wait for a prince to find her. Day after day, she waited, her impatience eating away at her hope. In a storm of extreme frustration, she finally decided that she would not leave the tower until her savior had come. To be sure of this, she pricked her own finger with a poison needle and fell asleep, preserved eternally in a state of stubborn longing. Meanwhile, in a land far away, a beautiful prince lay inside a glass case, rendered defenseless by a poisoned apple given to him by an evil queen, and never to be saved by a kiss carrying the promise of true love.
Moral: While you chose to appear weak in the hopes that someone else with save y
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Autum Rain by keidream Autum Rain :iconkeidream:keidream 5 8
The Dragon and the Knight
I swear
my body, mind, and soul
are scheming
to keep us apart
Little din does your voice make
above my beating heart
Icy though your gaze may be
Bright red barriers are aflame
beneath my eyes
Even if you knew,
there would be nothing
you could do
to break the walls that I have built
to find me,
my rapacious, throbbing heart
I realize now
that I am both
the dragon
and the knight
I understand my greatest obstacle,
and somehow,
I will find you
This shining armor
shall not keep me
from your
sterling heart
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Summertime by keidream Summertime :iconkeidream:keidream 2 4
There were probably lights. Lamps hung from the walls; pictures adorned the ceilings. Everything was blue. Everyone was jumping, except her. Every eye was laughing, except her's. There must have been a breeze, or else I'm sure I would have suffocated. Perhaps I did not need air in that moment. Her eyes were gleaming.
She was the midnight sky above an avalanche.
When she looked away, the moment spit into a million pieces, each lodging itself deep inside my memory. There, they multiplied and duplicated and morphed until every sound held her gaze and even a slight brush up against a stranger shook my heart into convulsions. The fleeting and everlasting image of her face was obvious to my mind's eye like pieces of broken glass, but little slivers surrounded me. Every shard I touched, visible or invisible, stung. I was cut. Blood was everywhere, but everything I saw, the vibrant red spilling from my heart to fill my entire being, was infused with blue.
Every person I've ever met has been a
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Roses Two by keidream Roses Two :iconkeidream:keidream 6 6 Roses One by keidream Roses One :iconkeidream:keidream 2 6 Silhouette by keidream Silhouette :iconkeidream:keidream 1 6
Full Moon Pills
I didn't want them.
My mom sets the pills down on the white bedside table, along with a glass of water, and gives me a calm smile. I don't doubt that she still loves me, but does she remember what love is? She used to give me the warmest smiles, sometimes accompanied by a loud, hot burst of laughter, like a gust of wind across the zones. Now, shut away from the thick air and intense sun, her smiles are just pictures of her air-conditioned heart and the white box that she keeps it in.
My house has a golden, squash colored living room and pottery-pink kitchen walls. A grand piano swallows up most of the floor space. We have honey-colored hard wood floors, with no rugs. There's a painting of a waterfall on the wall above the dining room table. It feels like we're two stories up because we live on a hill, high enough to see the city lights glowing in the distance. In the summer, we eat dinner on the front steps and watch the evening spill candyfloss clouds over pale blue skies, peaceful ag
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this time, twilight by keidream this time, twilight :iconkeidream:keidream 3 14 winter by keidream winter :iconkeidream:keidream 3 8 Chapel by keidream Chapel :iconkeidream:keidream 1 4 Softly by keidream Softly :iconkeidream:keidream 1 5 Golden Toes by keidream Golden Toes :iconkeidream:keidream 4 1 Clarity by keidream Clarity :iconkeidream:keidream 2 1 Shade by keidream Shade :iconkeidream:keidream 4 13


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United States
I really appreciate this website for its versatile collection of artwork and talented artists!

It would be quite pleasant if some of the inspiration behind the incredible art I so enjoy browsing were to seep into my subconscious and, in turn, spur a wave of creative passion to overflow from my heart and into my pencil and shutter release. Until then, please find time to look at my photography and read my short stories! I love writing and taking pictures, and I post my better pieces on this site.
I have two cats and a bunny... and am suddenly at a loss for what else I can say about myself. I hope you're well-rested and healthy; please find time to part from your computer screen, make meaningful friendships, and appreciate the outdoors.
I also love music. Very, very much.

Manga: Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Bakuman, Hana Kimi, Fullmetal Alchemist, No. 6
Anime: Kimi Ni Todoke (both seasons!), Kuroshitsuji, Uta No Prince-Sama, Ouran Highschool Host Club (GAH IT'S THE BEST!)

Shoutouts - These are three comics that I really enjoy reading! They update weekly.
Always Raining Here
Prince of Cats…
Tripping Over You
Alright, so I'm entering theFLOWERSofLife's pixel give-away, which required me to post a journal entry! I hope I get chosen - she's a very talented artist, and her icons are all so so so so so cute!! ^ w ^
Here's a link to the journal entry detailing this give-away:…

A small update on my life: I have been enjoying summer! I haven't been doing too much, which is nice. I wish I could quit this feeling of constant disappointment in myself. Other than that, I've been good. I'm head over heels in love with Sherlock, and since I got an account on tumblr, I've been spending about an hour and a half per day just drowning in Sherlock everything. I'm taking a few hip hop dance classes, voice lessons, and piano lessons, which are a lot of fun! I'm also in love with the boy band IM5 and the youtubers Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. As you can probably tell, I've been spending quite a bit of time on the computer. > . >
At the end of the school year, my English teacher told everyone that we should make sure to do something creative over our summers. I don't think I've done anything that fits this criteria quite yet. I want to paint and redecorate my room, but I like it enough the way it is that I'm afraid to try.
Happy summer to everyone! I'm sorry that I don't post anything on this site. I really don't make that much "art" these days. Once again, I feel afraid to let go, I think.


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